How do I get started with Epec products?

Instructions for getting started can be found in Epec Programming and Libraries manual‘s section Getting Started.

Required installations:

  • CODESYS 2.3 or CODESYS 3.5 Service Pack 13 (or 6)
  • Epec SDK (see SDK Installation Guide), including:
    • Epec MultiTool (configuration tool for control systems)
    • CODESYS PLCopen Libraries (Epec’s pre-made programming blocks to make programming easier)
    • Targets and device descriptions
    • Download the latest SDK from Epec Extranet. For extranet credentials, contact sales@epec.fi
  • CAN card driver, for example Kvaser
  • Epec CANmoon (diagnostics and CAN bus configuration tool for control units)

Where can I find programming information?

  • See Epec Programming and Libraries manual.
  • The manual’s programming section includes general programming instructions for all Epec products.
  • Product specific programming instructions, for example, details about safety control unit’s  I/O can be found from Programming SC52 Safety Control Unit > I/O Programming > I/O Variables.
  • For known issues, see the manual’s Troubleshooting section.
  • For further information, contact Epec customer support techsupport@epec.fi.

Where can I find detailed hardware and cabling information?

  • See product specific technical manuals. Technical manuals can be found from the Products page.
  • Cabling instructions can be found in the manual’s Mechanics and Cabling section.

Do you provide accessories for the products?

Yes, see the product’s technical manual, section Mechanics and Cabling > Accessories. Technical manuals can be found from the Products page.


Who do I contact for product or project offers?

Contact sales@epec.fi. .

How can I stay up to date, for example, about Epec product releases?

Do you offer an ISOBUS solution?

Yes, Epec ISOBUS control units (Epec 3606, Epec 3610 and Epec 3724) have passed AEF’s hardware conformance tests. Epec’s ISOBUS solution supports:

  • ISOBUS VT client (VT version 2-3)
  • ISOBUS TC client (TC version 3)
  • ISOBUS Tractor-ECU (TECU class 1-2) interface
  • ISOBUS Diagnostics

For programming information, see Epec Programming and Libraries manual’s section Programming ISOBUS.

Also check out the related blogs:

Piia Vedenjuoksu’s blog ISOBUS – interconnecting tractors and implements
Piia Vedenjuoksu’s and Juha Horttana’s blog Visiting AEF Plugfest 2017
Joonas Kaukola’s blog Designing an ISOBUS Virtual Terminal interface

Do you offer an IoT solution?

Yes, Epec Remote Acces Unit 6200 and embedded displays Epec 6107 and Epec 6112 support remote connection.
Just add one of these products to your control system in order to remotely manage your machines.

› Read more about Epec’s IoT services

Do you have a SIL2 and PL d level safety product?

Yes, Epec SC52 safety control unit is a SIL2 and PL D Level safety product. Epec also provides pre-certified safety libraries and the tool chain for creating an application.

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What is MultiTool and CANmoon?

Epec MultiTool is a free configuration tool for the whole control system. You can, for example, set I/O modes, initialize communication protocols and set up remote management. MultiTool then creates a CODESYS code template according to these configurations enabling fast and error-proof start for programming.

For more information, read:
Marko Takkula’s blog Optimize Time-To-Market with Epec MultiTool

Epec CANmoon is a free CAN diagnostics tool for Epec units and CAN bus. You can scan the CAN bus, configure Epec devices’ communication parameters, check hardware related information (such as hardware revision, firmware version and serial number), download application, update firmware and read parameter values.

› Read more about development environment and tools

What kind of approvals and certifications do Epec products have?

Check each product’s approvals and certifications from the Products page. For further questions, contact sales@epec.fi.

Where are your products made?

Our Epec products are designed and manufactured in Seinäjoki, Finland where our  headquarters is also located.

What do I do if my product is broken?


How do I find ordering codes for the products?

Contact sales@epec.fi

How do I find information about the status of my order?

Contact orders@epec.fi

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