Application Development Environment/ tools


We want to make control system application development easy, fast and even fun for ourselves and for our customers.

That’s why we have a set of helpful software development tools (PLCopen libraries, MultiTool, CANmoon and comprehensive programming  manuals) that are available for customers free of charge from Epec Extranet as an installation package called Epec SDK. For Extranet credentials, contact

› See FAQ for detailed information about required installations


General programming instructions for all Epec products can be found from Epec Programming and Libraries manual. This manual also includes product specific programming instructions. Detailed hardware and cabling information can be found from product specific technical manuals from Epec Extranet. For extranet credentials, contact

1st step: Epec MultiTool

Everything starts with Epec MultiTool:

  • A configuration tool that makes programming fast and error-proof
  • Just add in the control units you have in your system and configure their I/O interface, CAN communication settings, different CAN protocols, diagnostics and communication to Epec GlobE
  • MultiTool generates a CODESYS code template that can be used in application programming

2nd step: Epec PLCopen Libraries

Open your CODESYS code template that MultiTool generated and continue programming using Epec’s CODESYS libraries.

  • Epec’s CODESYS libraries include ready to use programming blocks for commonly used sensors and actuators, such as encoders, joysticks, proportional valves, connected to either control unit I/O or CAN interface
  •  All Epec libraries have been built to work seamlessly together
  • Using libraries shorten the programming time and reduce programming errors

3rd step: Epec CANmoon

Once your application is ready, download it to the control unit using Epec CANmoon. In addition to application downloading, there are plenty of other useful things you can do with CANmoon:

  • CANmoon is a diagnostics tool to monitor and diagnose nodes connected on CAN bus
  • Update firmware to Epec control units
  • Read hardware related information from control units (such as hardware revision, firmware version and serial number)
  • CAN messages can also be saved to files for offline diagnostics
  • CANmoon works seamlessly with Epec MultiTool to maximize the productivity in control system project development


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