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Application software development tools

Epec’s goal is to make control system application development easy, fast and error-proof for our customers. To accomplish this, Epec has developed a set of helpful software development tools:

MultiTool Creator

MultiTool Diagnoser

MultiTool Simulator

The related Epec application programming libraries comply with fuctional safety requirements set by the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. More information.

› See FAQ for detailed information about required installations


General programming instructions for all Epec products can be found from Epec Programming and Libraries manual. This manual also includes product specific programming instructions. Detailed hardware and cabling information can be found from product specific technical manuals from Epec Extranet.

1st step: Application Development Tool – Epec MultiTool Creator

Configuration starts with Epec MultiTool Creator:

  • A configuration tool that makes programming fast and error-proof
  • Just add in the control units you have in your system and configure their I/O interface, CAN communication settings, different CAN protocols, diagnostics and communication to Epec Connectivity solutions (link to connectivity page).
  • MultiTool Creator generates a code template that can be used in application programming



2nd step: Epec Application Programming Libraries

Open the code template that MultiTool Creator generated and continue programming using Epec Application Programming libraries.

  • Epec libraries include ready-to-use programming blocks for commonly used sensors and actuators, such as encoders, joysticks, proportional valves, connected to either control unit I/O or CAN interface
  • All Epec libraries have been built to work seamlessly together
  • Using libraries shortens the programming time and reduce programming errors

3rd step: Simulated Testing Tool – Epec MultiTool Simulator

MultiTool Simulator is a virtual testing environment for Epec cntrol systems enabling:

  • Accelerated SW design:
    Start the development earlier without the actual HW
    Tests can be automated or run remotely
    Quick and easy configuring
  • Less / no hardware simulators
  • Less development testing on the actual machine
  • Software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing
  • Seamless integration between Epec software tools
  • Multiple users using the same simulated system
  • Python API to control machine functions, automated testing and to build test UIs:
    Qt, Python, Robot Framework etc.

For more detailed information, see Epec MultiTool Simulator

Epec MultiTool Simulator

Diagnostic Tool – Epec MultiTool Diagnoser

Epec MultiTool Diagnoser is a diagnostics tool to monitor, diagnose and configure devices connected on CAN bus.

  • Download application to Epec devices
  • Update firmware to Epec devices
  • Read hardware related information from devices (such as hardware revision, firmware version and serial number)
  • Adjust communication and application parameters
  • Monitor CAN messages and save for offline diagnostics
  • MultiTool Diagnoser works seamlessly with other Epec software development tools to maximize the productivity in control system project development

Epec MultiTool Creator

The easiest way to configure a control system

Improve your time-to-market thanks to automatic generation of tested & validated code templates.


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