Project and ecosystem

Ponsse and Epec will implement the FORWARD’27 together and will invest more than EUR 25 million to developing sustainable mobile work machines until 2027. To fulfil the set mission and commercialize co-innovative solutions, FORWARD’27 invites companies and research partners to join the ecosystem to develop and pilot novel technical solutions together


For Finnish partners, the ecosystem enables access to Business Finland’s Veturi ecosystem funding. For international partners, the ecosystem offers an opportunity to actively participate to EU-level research and apply for EU-level project funding.


Business Finland
Business Finland - Forward27 - PonsseEpec


We will solve the technology and commercial challenges through collaboration in ecosystem projects to create solutions for off-road and commercial vechiles.

Autonomous solutions

  • Sensor and detection algorithms for harsh heavy vehicle conditions
  • Digital tools and modeling for the development, verification and validation of autonomous systems
  • Functional safety and automation with machine-human interaction
  • Control systems and computing units for heavy vehicle autonomy

Sustainable power

  • Sustainable energy sources and logistics for heavy vehicles
  • Battery and charging technologies for off-grid heavy vehicles
  • Energy efficiency of drivetrains and actuators
  • Fuel cells and refuelling for open field heavy vehicles / Green hydrogen – production, distribution and storage

Data-driven solutions

  • Connecting machine data to the environment & predicting future outcomes
  • Digital and XR solutions for operations and collaboration
  • Secure connectivity and OTA solutions for remote locations
  • Collaborative ecosystem platform (geospatial digital twin)

Sustainable supply chain

  • Sustainable materials for heavy vehicle manufacturing,
  • Digitalization of factory and supply chain
  • Sustainable supply chain and production operations
  • Circular supply chain

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