Epec & Wapice: Scalable IoT solution for machine control systems

Johanna Korpela
By Johanna Korpela | Mar, 14 2019

Wapice and Epec have together created an intelligent, comprehensive and scalable IoT solution for machine control systems. Built on Wapice's IoT-TICKET® platform, the cloud-based solution is designed to allow Epec customers to make and customize applications to meet...

Employee Highlights: Mari Lehtinen – Office Assistant

Johanna Korpela
By Johanna Korpela | Mar, 06 2019

Mari noticed an interesting job announcement in the newspaper Ilkka and realized the job was perfect for her. The job description was interesting, and the company seemed intriguing as well. Also the fact that this job would be located much closer to home than the one...

Customer Success Story: Epec provides IoT solution for NT Liftec

Johanna Korpela
By Johanna Korpela | Jan, 30 2019

Epec signs an agreement with NT Liftec, a market leader in the cost-efficient transportation systems for ports, terminals and a wide range of industries. NT Liftec is a development-oriented company driven by customer needs. The signed agreement covers the development...

Employee Highlights: Marko Nurmi – Electronics assembly and Continuous Improvement

Johanna Korpela
By Johanna Korpela | Jan, 11 2019

Marko started working in the Epec factory for the first time in the summer of 2008. After his year-long fixed-term contract, recession hit the industry, and consequently Marko’s employment came to a halt. However, after half a year, his work at Epec continued and...

Epec ISOBUS Solution – Complete package for implement manufacturers

Johanna Korpela
By Johanna Korpela | Dec, 13 2018

ISOBUS is the commonly used term for the J1939-based ISO standard 11783 which describes CAN-based higher level communication protocols used in mobile machinery in the agricultural sector. The purpose of ISOBUS is to guarantee interoperability between tractors and...

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