oiEpec will present at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, a set of advanced electronic control units to support the OEM’s growing need for high-performance systems. Machines and vehicles are getting increasingly electronics- and software-driven and OEM customers are improving safety, efficiency, productivity and aiming towards zero emissions. Epec’s new products offer flexibility and the latest technologies for the system design, enabling:

  • Highly advanced control systems, electrification systems, assistance and autonomous systems  
  • Edge computing and real-time capable applications 
  • Steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems 
  • Functional safety and mixed criticality implementations 
  • Different topology implementations: 
    • Distributed systems 
    • Centralized systems 
    • Zonal architectures 

Epec’s three products for modern machine systems are: 

Epec Core Unit

Designed for safety related centrallized Intelligence control systems, autonomous and
assistance systems, edge computing and real-time capable applications.

  • Extremely powerful Intel Elkhart Lake (4 x 1,9 GHz) x86 CPU and 32 blt MCU to ensure the best performance for centralized applications
  • Extensive non-volatile memory capacity for data logging and buffering for connectivity, up to 256 GB flash and 16 GB RAM
  • Connectivity for real-tlme data exchange: CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, I/O, USB type C, OPC UA, CANopen, J1939, Safety critical communicatlon
  • Suitable Interfaces for lidar, radar etc sensors and for exchanging real-time data
  • High-performance edge computing for loT solutions.
  • Functional safety support for mixed criticality systems
                              • Reliable In harsh environments, IP67
                              • Avallable at the end of 2024, samples during 2023


Epec SL8X Control Unit

Designed for control systems with the most demanding needs for real-time control, functional safety and flexible interfaces.​

  • Versatile 32-bit functional safety controller with different programming and communication options
  • Wide range of programming options for centralized and distributed system architectures: CODESYS, C/C++, CANopen responder, Ethernet Gateway
  • Connectivity for real-time data exchange: CAN, CAN FD, ISOBUS, Ethernet and safety critical communication
  • Vast and flexible I/O interface, I/O up to 54/46, realized in an in-house designed housing that fulfills key customer environmental testing requirements, IP69K 
  • Supports all Epec MultiTool software configuration, diagnostics and simulation tools
                            • Functional safety support for mixed criticality systems
                            • Developed according to requirements from the world’s leading non-road working machine manufacturers.
                            • Available in 2024, samples during 2023


Epec GC44 Responder Unit

Designed for centralized intelligence systems​

  • Generic CANopen responder unit according to CiA standards 
  • I/O: 32 (16/16), 2 x CAN
  • IP69K
  • Epec SW & Solution support






For further information and inquiries about the products, contact 

Welcome to visit Epec at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 booth N12347!

Epec in brief:

Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electrics /electronics for efficient, safe and connected non-road mobile machines (NRMM) and commercial vehicles.  Epec is a manufacturing company with extensive experience in control systems, customized products, electric / hybrid electric vehicle systems and assistance and autonomous systems.  Epec’s diverse experience is based on long term cooperation with leading international OEM’s and Epec is a part of Ponsse Group. 

Being close to our customers, we continuously co-create and innovate value adding sustainable future technology solutions that make a difference.