Numerous practical trainings, theses, summer jobs, joint innovation and development projects, permanent employments, company visits, career counsellor visits, planning the content of training, competence charting… Co-operation with educational institutions provides a wide range of advantages. That is why Epec has co-operated with various institutions in Seinäjoki very intensively and persistently, already for many years. Through co-operation, students form a mental image of working life and companies can assure availability of skilled staff in the future.

At Epec we have found it important to present different kinds of careers to students while they are visiting our company. By hearing our stories, students can figure out which paths to take, towards achieving various jobs. It’s easy for students to identify with presenters because many of our employees have studied in the same institutions with whom we are still co-operating with nowadays. We hope that students realize how many kinds of positions fit into one organization and how important and purposeful all tasks are. During company visits we want to inform students about what is highly valued at Epec and in the working life, in general. In addition to professional competence, we also appreciate an active and innovative way of working, good cooperation skills and a self-directed style of work.

Epec is sponsoring a mathematics oriented class, 8C from Nurmo’s elementary school.


At Epec we also want to invest in younger students, so this autumn we decided to sponsor a mathematics oriented class, 8C from Nurmo’s elementary school. We see co-operation with comprehensive schools to be important so that young students can get their first contact to the working life as early as possible. By visiting Epec they can see what kind of company we are and what do we do. Our sponsored class will be visiting us in October, and in addition to this we have promised to offer one short internship during this year, for one student who is interested in our field of business. We have only recently started this new co-operation but we are confident that we can come up with new ideas to provide additional value to each other in the near future. The best outcome from a visit to our electronics factory, would be that a student realizes that a career as an electronic technician is their dream job! And who knows… after their realization, perhaps down the road, we will be signing a contract with this enthusiastic and skilled young student to work at Epec. This is the richest reward from co-operation with educational institutions!


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