One can say, that to us at Epec, control systems for heavy machinery are everything. Epec was already manufacturing digital control systems for large machines, at a time when utilizing microcontrollers at a level of reliability that large machines require was thought to be impossible. Nowadays electronics are common in large machines and a wide range of solutions for electronic control is available. However, for Epec, the situation is the same as before: we concentrate 100% on control systems for heavy machinery. We genuinely believe that the productivity and cost-effectiveness can constantly be taken further by introducing new technical innovations, at a sufficient pace, for the control systems, while paying attention to the reliability and safety requirements of the machines. This is challenging, but it can be done when the production of hardware products, software and services are closely concentrated. A 100% focus means that we are able to control the chain of value completely, from understanding the customer’s needs, designing and implementing, all the way to delivering the solution.

Within supply chain management, a dominant concept has been that production is not suited for Scandinavia, and as a result, factories are moved to far away countries with lower cost structures at a fast pace. Here at Epec we see things a little differently. For our customers, the quality of our products and our ability to react to problems are very important matters. We can control these matters best by having the designing and production done closely together. We are able to implement new products and improvements much faster when the designer can simply visit the production located in the same building, instead of having to travel by plane to another country.

For Epec, the factory and the production are not a mandatory expense, but a strategic resource. A strong sense of Epec spirit is predominant at Epec, our workers are motivated and self-managed, and we are constantly improving the functions of our production according to Lean. Epec products are designed taking our own production into consideration. With the help of modern manufacturing technology, a high and still increasing level of automation, and above all, our skilled staff, we make sure that our factory is the best in the world when it comes to manufacturing control systems for heavy machinery. Only the best factory, is a good enough part of the entirety, with which we can ensure our customers, that by choosing Epec, they choose the best partner for the control systems in their machines.




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