Epec CANmoon is a software tool that can be used to configure, monitor and diagnose nodes on CAN bus. It can also be used for downloading applications to Epec control units, and updating firmware.

The main focus in the development of this new version has been to improve the usability of the existing user interface and features. New version also fixes some of the issues reported in previous versions.

As a totally new feature, it is now possible to save current CANmoon setup to a CSF file (CANmoon Setup File) and also to start CANmoon using a certain setup file. Setup file basically includes information about the different settings made in CANmoon user interfaces, such as:
– CAN bus bit rate and CAN adapter
– Nodes on the bus (node-ID, vendor-ID and product code)
– CAN database file path
– Parameter CSV file path
– Script settings (start-up scripts)
– Send Tool message items
– Message filters
– CAN message logging settings
– Bus Traffic view type

Purpose of this CSF feature is to save the setup used in, for example, testing and debugging a certain control system project. This makes it possible to open the same configuration later and continue testing without making the setup again. Multiple setups can be saved and it is possible to start CANmoon directly by double-clicking the setup file.

CANmoon version is now available to our customers in Epec extranet.


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