Have you ever – or should I ask – how often have you been sick and tired of inoperative things? Whether it is a machine or program, but you are pulling your hair off, because something is not working as it should. Why are these stupid things on sale, if they are not working? Why do I need to find problems, when I only should be using this!

We perform a lot of testing in Epec production facilities. Sometimes it feels like we are even over-testing the units, because no problems are found. But it all pays back, when we are able to avoid problems at customer site. After finding even a minor fault, all the endless testing finds the purpose. We did all the testing because of this. Yes!

All in all, testing uses quite a lot of resources and professional skills are needed. Lifetime of Epec products is pretty long in average, so maintenance of testing equipment is one of the tasks. There are new versions of the products, but also the world around is changing – operating systems, PCs, testing software, drivers etc. need continuous updating. Test engineer is taking care of all these things together with professional partners. He takes part in new product projects, but also does updating together with manufacturing.

After test engineer has tuned the equipment and test scripts, the actual testing starts in daily manufacturing. Electronics assembler tests every single product and makes sure the product is working as it should. It is a routine, but very important job at the same time. They are making sure, that products are working as promised.

After all we can say, that by testing we can avoid problems in the field and keep the machines running. That’s the most cost efficient way to work when taking all the parties into account. The main target is to keep our customers happy – that’s the root cause for testing.



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