It has been a great pleasure for me to join the Epec team two months ago. Epec is a strong brand which has always been associated with a high level of quality and high performance control systems. Today, we also have great tools for application development, system testing and IoT solutions. Naturally, we have some significant opportunities to improve the efficiency of our processes, but I am absolutely confident of our capability to maintain our leading position in the control systems market in the mobile machinery segment.

I have known Epec for 16 years. Soon after graduating from the automation department of Helsinki University of Technology, I tried to compete against Epec by selling automation components for Phoenix Contact. After couple of years of experience in field sales, I joined one of our main customers; Sandvik Mining and Construction. There, I held various different positions in different business functions and regions, the latest was taking care of the load and haul business in Latin America. In 2012, I joined Epec’s mother company Ponsse, to take care of the Ponsse harvester and forwarder business in Brazil.

For me, coming to Epec and Seinäjoki feels like a great homecoming, both geographically and professionally. I was born in the Seinäjoki region and as a kid I spent lot of time in the region, when my grandparents were still alive. In the days at Phoenix, I always admired Epec products and tried to convince Phoenix to make similar products as the Epec controllers are.

Once again, I am really excited and feel privileged to join the Epec team and to give my contribution to reach our vision of delivering the world’s best control systems for mobile machines!

Teemu Raitis
Managing director, Epec Oy