The Epec functional safety control unit family has broadened with the new affordable Safety Controller SL84. Epec SL84 is a general purpose controller intended for typical machine safety functions, for example, prevention of unexpected movement or safety related stop function. SL84 comes with up-to-date functional safety technology and has an optimized module footprint vs. I/O ratio. Customer time-to-market can also be optimized by utilizing CODESYS programming, Epec MultiTool and Epec pre-certified safety libraries.

SL84 Safety control unit key features:

– Controller can be used to implement software based safety functions up to PL d Cat.2 (IEC 13849:2015) and SIL2 (IEC 61508:2010 and IEC 62061:2005)
– 2 x CAN, supports CAN wake-up
– 34 output pins, 35 input pins and plenty of GND pins for easy wiring
– 5 ampere power outputs for small motors and LED lights
– Three power supply groups
– PLC application size up to 1.8MByte
– Designed for demanding environmental and EMI conditions
– IP69k protection

Epec SL84 Release 1. SW versions:

– Firmware version:
– CODESYS Runtime:

Epec SL84 Release 1. documentation:

– Technical Manual: MAN000728
– Programming & Libraries Manual: MAN000538
– MultiTool Manual: MAN000316 version 6.7
– CANmoon Manual: MAN000405, version 3.1
– Safety Manual: MAN000730, version 1.0, rev 5

Epec SL84 Safety Control Unit Release 1. ordering codes:

– E30FSL84-022 (with SurTec coating)
– E30FSL84-020 (with painting)

Release date: 12.11.2020

Additional information: Epec Customer Support,


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