SC52 Safety Control Unit is now officially released. Epec SC52 is a state-of-the-art controller for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. SC52 offers a flexible solution for software-based safety function implementation. Together with the SC52 controller, Epec offers a set of pre-certified PLCopen application libraries in order to reduce customer’s safety related software development effort.

Epec also releases the new CANmoon version 3.1, enabling safety related software updates and parametrization for SC52. Also, the SDK version 2.9 is released, including MultiTool, and PLCopen libraries supporting SC52 for efficient system setup and implementation of safety related solutions. Check out the video where Project Manager Kimmo Takaluoma introduces the product:

Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit key features:

  • Up to SIL2 (IEC 61508:2010 and IEC 62061:2005) and PLd/Cat 3 (ISO 13849-1:2015), as a stand-alone controller
  • Support for Cat2 architecture when using intelligent safety certified sensors
  • 32-bit multicore processor with lock-step and memory protection
  • CODESYS V3 Safety SIL 2 programming
  • CANopen Safety protocol for safety-related communication according to EN50325-5
  • Extensive set of pre-certified PLCopen libraries for safety related applications
  • Supported by Epec MultiTool and CANmoon
  • 2 x CAN, 14 input and 8 output I/O pins

Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit documentation:

  • Safety Manual, version 1.0 (MAN000674)
  • Technical Manual and Cabling Instructions (MAN000676)
  • Epec Programming & Libraries Manual, SDK 2.9 (MAN000538)
  • Epec CANmoon User Manual, 3.1 (MAN000405)

Software version information:

  • Firmware version

Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit is available with the following product code:

  • E30FSC52-020

Release date: 12.04.2018

Additional information: Epec Customer Support,


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