Epec is entering the trendy IoT business with one giant leap by releasing Epec GlobE remote management solution, a complete service package for OEMs and Machine/Fleet owners to remotely access the machine data.

Epec GlobE is a remote management solution that enables OEM’s and fleet owners to remotely manage its resources, monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and events, update software and adjust machine settings.

Epec GlobE is the most easily configurable remote management solution in the market. This is made possible by the new MultiTool, with its intuitive configuration features, innovative and scalable web service and seamless interaction and integration to Epec control system products using extensive application library offering.

We are able to offer the total solution: Machine control system, gateway devices for machines to access the internet, remote management solution as a cloud service, configuration tools, application libraries and even the complete project as a turn-key solution if needed.

Machines can be connected to GlobE using any of the Epec 6000 series products.

For further information Epec GlobE, please contact our Sales Team, 
and visit Epec GlobE webpage. 


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