In recent years, mobile machines have experienced quite a leap, technology wise. The progress of the technology and the solutions for machinery have created more and more sophisticated mobile machines. For example, advanced development tools, powerful control units and sensors like MEMS-sensors are more widely used in mobile machine control systems. This enables the possibility to create highly-developed control system features, e.g. effective user assistance solutions. IoT solutions provide real-time data from the mobile machines. This data can be used for e.g. work process optimization, machine health monitoring, etc. The modern safety functions of a control system ensure reliable and safe usage of the machine, both for the user and for the work environment.

What does all this mean for the machine manufacturer? Probably, you are excited to design new innovative solutions, which makes your machine more clever and efficient to use. Most likely, this exploration will lead you to research and learn a variety of new technologies.

How will YOU take into use these new advanced solutions in YOUR mobile machine?

To create your own intelligent control system, you will need seamless co-operation with a partner who has the ability to convey the latest trends to your mobile machine. Epec Customer Services consist of professionals who are specialized in all the needed aspects for creating modern control systems:

  • Training services for getting started
  • Technical help-desk for your tough questions
  • Project services for helping create your innovative control system
  • Safety specialists for guiding you under required regulations
  • Consultation for inspiring new solutions

Use case story – Your challenge, our inspiration:

In the real world, more than often, there are tight time schedules and always something new to learn. Recently, our partner had an opportunity to supply a shiny, new control system to their customer. However, there were challenges with schedule, resources and some control system features, which required special knowledge.

Epec’s role in the case, offered consulting and partial implementation of the control system, including:

  • Defining the project scope and dividing the project between Epec and the partner
  • Support and consultation for the project offer
  • Support for control system project management
  • Control system and software architecture design
  • Development of the most complex parts of the control system
  • Training and consulting for the control system development and maintenance
JP Lehto (on the left) and Raine Röyskö (on the right) demonstrating a system wireframe.

JP Lehto (on the left) and Raine Röyskö (on the right) demonstrating a system wireframe.

As a result, the first version of the control system was ready to test in the machine within a remarkably short time. Epec’s partner is now able to continue the development work and maintenance in the future on their own, due to co-operative development of the first version of the control system.

This use case showed the value of Epec Customer Services and the experience of our professionals who have been involved with various control systems projects. Could we also help you, together, in creating world class innovations and solutions?


At Your service,

Jussi-Petteri Lehto, Customer Service Manager
Raine Röyskö, Project Manager



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