The most important quality of Epec is the fact that they always keep what’s promised

Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment and smart and connected solutions. Their product line MULTILIFT is focused on producing hooklifts and skiploaders. Epec provides MULTILIFT with programmable control modules that are an essential part of their products.

The collaboration between MILTILIFT and Epec has started over 12 years ago. By that time, the parties were the first in the world to manufacture programmable logic control modules for hooklifts.
– Since the first release, we have supplied our customers with tens of thousands of machines from our factory here in Raisio, Finland, including Epec control modules says Pauliina Kunvik R&D Director of Hiab Demountables.

Programmable control modules come with benefits

At Hiab, Epec isn’t considered to be only a supplier, but rather a partner. Whether, it’s their expertise to innovate, do R&D or handle the actual production, everything works.
– Not forgetting the excellent supply of products and the companionship they have provided throughout the years, Kunvik says.
The biggest concrete benefit of using Epec control modules has been the fact that they can be programmed.
– There are no physical control components, such as relays, that need to be changed. Compared to the alternative, the amount of intelligence is from a different planet, Kunvik says.

A partnership to last

When asked how it’s been like to actually work with Epec, Kunvik gets visibly excited.
– I couldn’t ask for more. They’re just fantastic. They provide us with high-quality products and as a company, Epec is very innovative. We’re looked after, but at the same time, we keep looking into the future together, Kunvik states.
– In the end, the most important thing is that they keep their promises, she concludes.



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