With Epec’s help, Husqvarna Construction Products has obtained units of high quality and great assistance in the form of training and support.

Fredrik Theander is the SW test engineer for demolition robots at Husqvarna Construction Products. The robots that they produce are remotely controlled and are used for work in hazardous environments, including for concrete demolition.

“The robots have been included in our range since 2009, and Epec has been involved from the beginning and has helped us with its development.”

Professional training

Epec is a technology company, working to create control modules that technology builders can use with their machines. Husqvarna buys units from Epec, and also receives training from them.

“The training has been very professional and has helped us shorten the start-up of new recruits. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Epec,” says Fredrik Theander.

One more thing that Fredrik Theander is satisfied with is Epec’s support system. “If we have any problems, we receive fast and good help from them. They have always been able to help, they are very knowledgeable,” he says.

Closer cooperation in the future

Cooperation between Epec and Husqvarna will continue in the future and will also be more frequent. Fredrik Theander has already recommended other companies to cooperate with Epec.

“Even internally”, he says. “I think they are great; you receive fast and good help and their units are of a very high quality,” he concludes.


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