I don’t usually look into the rear-view mirror too much when I’m outside of the car, but there is reason now to take a moment to look at the new recruits of 2019 at Epec. The year has been exceptional, and the big rush can be explained by the following figures: nearly 40 new employees, an estimated 150 interviews, and an increase of nearly 20% in Epec’s permanent staff. So, from my point of view, there were many interesting encounters, fruitful conversations, new opportunities, enthusiasm and accomplishments.

During the past year’s recruitment processes, it’s been great to see how skilled and versatile the people in Finland are. Even the most challenging positions have been filled and the recruitment has been successful. It’s been also great to see that top-level specialists are interested particularly in us – Epec, which started out in Southern Ostrobothnia. Epec’s work has convinced people wherever they’ve witnessed it. It’s been great to hear from jobseekers how Epec’s employees, our products, brand or services have inspired confidence and created interest in Epec. The recommendations from Epec’s staff about their employer among their networks have also been fruitful – the power of the grapevine has been quite impressive!

Through conversations with jobseekers, it has become increasingly more obvious that nowadays, it is not possible to find employees without active social media campaigns and skilful marketing, at least not in the technology sector. Hence, we owe thanks for our successful recruitments to Epec’s active and skilled marketing team. We’ve succeeded in conveying to the market exactly what we really are – a knowledgeable, reliable, passionate, responsible company that really cares about its employees. We want to hold on to these values and we hope they will continue to attract interest. Because this isn’t the end of recruitments! Epec is growing strong, and in the coming years, we will continue to add to the team who will implement our growth strategy. We will be awaiting with interest how quickly this company with more than 40 years of history will continue to grow, and what Epec’s head count will be as we conclude the year 2020.

Riikka Rajala, HR Manager