The Epec 6000 series product family consists of powerful and rugged displays and remote access units. Epec is now releasing a 6107 Display Unit variant with built-in WLAN wireless communication. WLAN implementation supports both client and access point operation for direct D2D communication.

Epec 6107 WLAN key features:

  • Same components as in the existing 6107 Display Unit
  • WLAN supports 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n
  • Both Client and Access point modes
  • Routing between Ethernet and WLAN
  • WPA Personal protection
  • 2 x CAN, 2 x Ethernet, 2 x USB, 1 x RS-232
  • CODESYS 3.5 programmable

SDK 3.0 release

The new SDK package 3.0 is now available from Epec’s extranet.

Updates and new features:

  • A new library to support GatE. To use GatE, the programmer only needs to add one program call to the application
  • A new library to manage WLAN connections from the CODESYS application
  • Support for updating the application and runtime of the safety platform devices
  • Support for adjusting safety related parameters
  • Support for the new GlobE. All related settings can be done in the graphical user interface of MultiTool

Epec GatE – secure access solution

Have you ever dreamed about being able to connect remotely to any control unit in a mobile machine to debug, change parameters or update software? Would you like to have access to the machine error log or remote maintenance portal without the need to invest in or maintain your own web servers? Do you have a need to exchange files with the machine or to have a remote view of the local HMI?

We have good news for you; all this is now possible with Epec GatE, secure access solution. Epec GatE enables a VPN like connection from a remote user’s PC to any machine equipped with Epec 6000 series Display or Remote Access Unit with Internet access. GatE consists of the SiteManager application running in Epec 6000 series units, the LinkManager application for a remote user’s PC and the GateManager portal for user and license management.
Together with 6000 series units, GatE enables the use of various remote maintenance and debugging features, such as, remote CODESYS login to control units connected to the machine’s CAN backbone, remote view of local HMI using VNC, FTP file transfers and use of CODESYS 3.5 WebVisu.
Epec offers the GatE solution as a service.

Epec GlobE – remote management platform as a service

Epec GlobE® is a remote management platform provided as a service for OEM machine manufacturers and fleet owners to enable customized solution, for example, to fleet management and condition monitoring. GlobE is provided as a cloud service which makes it scalable, reliable and cost effective.

Epec’s long history developing mobile machine control systems has helped us to optimize GlobE for the needs of mobile machine manufacturers and fleet owners. When the full advantage of a remote management solution is wanted, typically the most time-consuming part of project is the integration between the control system and the remote management solution. GlobE is, by default, already seamlessly integrated with Epec control system solutions. This reduces customers time-to-market and minimizes initial project costs. Unique and useful features are ready and available for the customer, such as, remote parametrization, software updates and event logging throughout the whole communication chain, control units – Gateway – Cloud.

GlobE back-end/front-end server application is based on the industry leading IoT-TICKET® platform developed by Wapice Ltd. The combination of Epec control system products, PLCopen libraries, software development tools and the IoT-TICKET® platform enables us provide the most reliable, easy to use, customizable and complete IoT solution for mobile machines.
Epec 6000 series Embedded Display Units and Remote Access Units can be used as an IoT Gateway to access the Internet and GlobE service using 3G, WLAN or Ethernet interface.
As part of the GlobE service, Epec can provide 6000 series units with pre-installed global M2M SIM cards and provide data subscriptions and connectivity as a service.


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