Control Unit Comparison

Confused about which display or IoT unit suits your needs or how the units differ from each other? Check out the table below to see a side-by-side summary of each unit’s features.
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ProductEpec 6505 Display Unit

Epec 6107 Display Unit
Epec 6112 Display Unit

Epec 6200
Remote Access Unit

Display size5"7"12,1"-
Display resolutionWVGA 800 x 480 (15:9)WVGA 800 x 480 (5:3)XGA 1024x 768 (4:3)-
Display type and touch typeTFT color LCD
Capacitive (PCAP)
Optical bonding
TFT color LCD
GFG resistive touch
TFT color LCD
Capacitive (PCAP)
Processor32 bit32 bit with GPU32 bit with GPU32 bit
Flash memory2 GByte4-16 GByte4-16 GByte4 or 32 GByte
RAM512 MByte1024 MByte1024 MByte1024 MByte
EthernetAvailable with USB – Ethernet adapter for SW development222
Camera connection-22-
Ambient light sensoryesyesnono
GSM / UMTS / HSPA+noyesnoyes
GPS / GLONASSnoyesnoyes
I/O pins (inputs+outputs)KL15 wake-up input5 (3+2 or 5+0)5 (3+2 or 5+0)5 (3+2 or 5+0)
IP classIP66IP65IP65IP67
Temperature range-30… +65 °C
-22…+149 °F
-30… +70 °C
-22…+158 °F

-30… +55 °C with 2G/3G/GPS option
-22… +131 °F with 2G/3G/GPS option

-30… +60 °C with WLAN option
-22… +140 °F with WLAN option
-30… +70 °C
-22…+158 °F
-30 … + 60 °C
-22 … +140 °F
Connectors1 x AMP26 Super Seal, USB-A High Speed1 x AMP23
2-3 x M12
3 x SMA
1 x AMP23
2-3 x M12
1 x AMP23
2 x M12
3 x SMA
Signal LEDyesnono3 three-colored LEDs
CODESYS version3.5 SP163.5 SP133.5 SP133.5 SP13
Supported CAN protocolsCANopen
WebVisu supportyesyesyesyes
GlobE supportnoyesyesyes
Connectivity (global SIM) supportnoyesnoyes


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tested, designed and produced in finland.


Epec control systems are made 100% in Finland. Epec’s organization and processes have been fine tuned to cooperate with large international customers. Epec has both ISO9001 quality certificate and ISO14001 environmental certificate.

Harsh conditions?

Bring it on!

All Epec control units are designed and manufactured to  withstand harsh conditions:
high mechanical shocks and vibration, heat, cold and different chemicals.