Azure iot edge capable solution

Azure IoT Edge Capable Solution for customers needing only the data pipeline, Edge computing and capability to interact and send data to customers own Microsoft Azure based environment.


Epec’s Azure IoT Edge capable solution provides easily configurable interaction between OT-IT systems using Epec MultiTool, with minimum effort and optimized time-to-market. Epec’s solution enables the following functionalities, accompanied with a developers guide for using Epec’s Azure IoT Edge capable solution including documented APIs:

  • Capability to configure the interface and send data to customer’s own Azure cloud.
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) software updates to machines from Azure.
  • Remote machine parametrization from Azure.
  • Possibility to send Events and alarms to Azure cloud.
  • Device commanding from Azure cloud.
  • Edge functionality expansion with customer’s own third-party developed Azure Edge modules.


Epec has developed a high-performance and cost effective Epec 6200 IoT Edge Device equipped with the following main features.

  • Powerful dual or quad-core iMX6 microprocessor enabling development of customized Edge computing modules
  • Vast up, 32 GB, built-in non-volatile memory enabling reliable local data storage and buffer to prevent data loss in case of unreliable internet connection.
  • 4G/LTE cellular interface supporting global frequencies and versatile approvals.
  • eSIM/eUICC support enables to avoid roaming restrictions and fully global connectivity solution.


Edge computing means that data processing and analyzing can be made also locally at the device end.

  • Enables to optimize the data transfers costs since all the data is not needed to send to cloud.
  • Data analysis is possible even during connection outages.


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