Epec GlobE

Epec GlobE is a platform for customized IoT solutions.
A browser-based remote service that can be used for managing,
monitoring your fleet and logging machine data remotely to cloud.


Epec GlobE® is an IoT platform provided as a service for OEM machine manufacturers and fleet owners to enable different kind of customized solution, for example, to fleet management and condition monitoring of mobile machinery. GlobE is optimized for mobile machines using Epec control system products, but can also be used with third party control system products. GlobE is provided as a cloud service which makes it scalable, reliable and cost effective.

When the full advantage of an IoT solution is wanted, IoT solution should be seamlessly integrated with machine control systems. GlobE is, by default, already seamlessly integrated with Epec control system solution. This significantly reduces customer’s time-to-market and minimizes initial project costs. Unique and useful features, such as, machine parameter adjustment, control system software updates, event logging from individual ECUs in the system, which are common for local machine operators are now available also for the remote users using GlobE web portal.


Using IoT increases the awareness and enables data-driven decisions for fleet owners and machine manufacturers in their daily operations. For fleet operators, it might mean optimizing the use of assets and resources on site and for machine manufacturer it might mean improving the future machine quality and productivity based on the big-data collected from the field. These are just few examples of benefits that utilizing IoT can offer. Each customer case is different and often all the needs and opportunities are not acknowledged at the beginning. Therefore, it is important that the technology used, is flexible and scales with your business.

What is equally important, is the time-to-market, which is why using IoT platforms is normal to the industry.  What differentiates the Epec GlobE from other IoT platforms, is the pre-made seamless integration between the machine control system and the IoT platform. Features like remote parametrization, SW updates, event logging, and asset management are not standardised and therefore often unique to each IoT platform and control system provider. Getting both from one provider, which has made the system integration on customer’s behalf and enables flexible configuration, is not common in the industry. This makes GlobE the easiest and fastest IoT solution, in the industry, to take in to use.

Epec minimises the use of customer’s valuable resources by providing a complete, customized solution from one provider as a service. Machine manufacturer can forget the project management, contract negotiation, server installation, system integration and other common time-consuming tasks related to the IoT system projects made with several different providers. Epec offers an easy access to IoT so that customer can focus its own recourses to their core business that is building high quality machines. Epec’s long history of developing mobile machine control systems has helped us to optimize GlobE for the needs of mobile machine manufacturers and their customers. GlobE offers an API to exchange data with other IT solutions and can be used alone or together with Epec GatE and third party IoT solutions to solve all possible needs the future brings. Epec GlobE® is a registered trademark of Epec Oy.


GlobE back-end/front-end server application enables customers to develop and modify fully customized dashboard views and reports using the built-in editor in the platform. The combination of Epec control system products, IoT gateway hardware, PLCopen libraries, software development tools and the GlobE service enables us to provide the most reliable, easy to use, customizable and complete IoT solution for mobile machines.

Epec 6000 series Embedded Display Units and Remote Access Units can be used as an IoT gateway to access the Internet and GlobE service using Cellular (4G LTE/3G72G), WLAN or Ethernet interface. As part of the GlobE service, Epec can provide 6000 series units with pre-installed global M2M SIM cards and provide data subscriptions and global cellular connectivity as a service.


GlobE® is an IoT platform provided as a service for customized solution, such as fleet management and condition monitoring.

Why Globe?

Pre-made seamless integration between the machine control system and the IoT solution optimizes the customers time-to-market.


GlobE back-end/front-end server application is based on the industry leading IoT-TICKET® platform developed by Wapice Ltd, which enables customers to develop and modify fully customized dashboard views and reports using the built-in editor in the platform.


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