Epec, as it is now, is something I myself have not experienced before. With 11 years of history at this company, I see a revolutionary change in attitudes, corporate culture and in the level of performance. We want it! We have decided to be the best. We have decided to be agile and trustworthy partners. We have strong roots in South Ostrobothnia and we are proud of those roots. We are now, more than ever before, closer to our owners and their values. I feel proud that Epec is a part of Ponsse, a part of the world’s best forest machine manufacturer.

The past year brought us loss, fear, faith and the enormous drive that we now live in. We have had the opportunity to grow, both as a company and as individuals. Many of our employees have found new inspiration taking on new job descriptions. We are passionate about what we do. Every day is a challenge in the middle of something new and inspiring. This is the feeling I get in the morning, when I walk through the door and up the stairs to my office; our will to do the best.

So, what are we at Epec made of, what drives us ahead and what is important to us? Personally, in the past year, I have majorly stepped out of my comfort zone and thrown myself on the line, felt afraid, but trusted my feelings, “I can”. Today as I walked around in the corridors and different floors, I asked people in the elevator and at the coffee table, “What does it take to succeed?” I received quiet moments and the following assertive phrases: “Attitude, commitment, straight talk, let’s face the problems, be yourself, desire, sacrifices, strict plans and their implementation, genuine cooperation and partnership.” Yes, this is Epec.  This is what we are. We are ready to enter where we did not go before. We are direct people who are committed to our work and want to do our best at a dynamic rate.  We have the intent and the keys.

We are ready to cross the limits!

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