Epec releases the new SDK 3.8

By Johanna Korpela | Aug, 28 2020

The new Epec SDK 3.8 can be downloaded from Epec´s extranet. Epec MultiTool has several new features including, for example, a completely new Epec CANopen slave support, added sheet for Address claiming, new library parameter manager and the possibility to...

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Employee Highlights: Sami Ritoniemi – SW Product Architect

By Johanna Korpela | Oct, 24 2019

Sami is originally from Peräseinäjoki, but he moved to Vaasa to study Computer and Software Engineering at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. At the time he also did programming for a couple of years while studying. After graduating in 2004, he sat in the...

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Customer Success Story: Multilift

By Johanna Korpela | Oct, 08 2019

The most important quality of Epec is the fact that they always keep what’s promised Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment and smart and connected solutions. Their product line MULTILIFT is focused on producing hooklifts and...

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Customer Success Story: Epec provides Husqvarna Construction Products with high-quality units and training

By Johanna Korpela | Jul, 17 2019

With Epec's help, Husqvarna Construction Products has obtained units of high quality and great assistance in the form of training and support. Fredrik Theander is the test engineer for demolition robots at Husqvarna Construction Products. The robots that they produce...

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Employee Highlights: Kristel Ariko – Control System Engineer

By Johanna Korpela | Jun, 28 2019

Kristel studied Information Technology at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and her first experience of Epec was a collaborative project between the school and Epec, which involved the design of a language translation management interface. The project...

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Precertified Safety Libraries

By Arto Takala | Jun, 26 2019

Epec released a set of precertified CODESYS 3.5 safety libraries along with the SC52 Safety Control Unit. The libraries have been certified by TÜV SÜD and are implemented according to the standards IEC 61508: 2010, IEC 62061: 2005 and ISO 13849-1: 2015. Additionally,...

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My Week at Support

By Jarno Viirumäki | Jun, 10 2019

Hi all, I’m late... Again... And I forgot my tag at home. Luckily no one minds. I can clock in with an SMS. The doors also unlock with a simple text message nowadays. Thanks, technology! At Epec we have pretty strict working hours, but then again no, we don’t. In the...

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Employee Highlights: Jyrki Sauramäki – Functional Safety and Data Security Manager

By Johanna Korpela | May, 17 2019

Jyrki works as Functional Safety and Data Security Manager, seeing to that customer projects are being implemented in accordance with standards and directives, and that both Epec’s employees and customers are adequately trained on these topics. He also participates in...

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Occupational Safety Conditions to Strengthen at Epec

By Occupational Safety Committee | Apr, 26 2019

Working conditions and a safe working environment, as well as safe working methods are statutory basic requirements for companies, but they have also become an important part of a company's image as well as a source of future competitive advantage. Section 1 of the...

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Employee Highlights: Piia Vedenjuoksu – Product Support Engineer

By Johanna Korpela | Mar, 22 2019

Piia began her career at Epec in 2006 with the practical training of her engineering studies at SeAmk. Because she studied software engineering, her first stop was at the Engineering team, where she worked with Sandvik projects. Her second stop was with the R&D team,...

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